White Bomber


Icons-flag-us White Bomber
Jp しろボン (Shirobon)
Kr 화이트봉 (White Bong)
Cn 白寶 (Ba Bo)
Th ชิโรบอม (Chíroh Bom)


Bomberman B-Daman



Voice Actor(s)

Jp Houko Kuwashima
Kr Lee Seonho
Ph Anthony Malejana



White Bomber is a major character in the Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden manga and anime. He is the son of Golden Bomber, and the leader of the BB-daman Team. His B-Daron is Kazemaru. He is the main protagonist of the series.


Shiro recovering

Shirobon being restored with energy in a healing capsule.

White Bomber is portrayed as being rather naive and childish, but with a strong sense of courage and justice. And when it becomes strong, he manages to save the day. He seems to have a love for sweets, especially cake and dreams of being capable of flying through the air on his own. But until then, he uses the B-Da Armors he is given, all of which are capable of flying, by his request.


White Bomber's B-Daron is a turquoise bird named Kazemaru (カゼ丸). Like White Bomber, Kazemaru seems to be fond of cake, and they often get into fights over cake. But in the end, they are really good friends. He is summoned by White Bomber's whistling call, or a box of cake. When he is summoned, White Bomber usually hangs on to his foot while he's flying, whenever they need to go somewhere, or just for fun.

B-Da ArmorEdit

White GaleEdit

White gale I

White Gale I. Shirobon's First generational b-da suit.

The first B-Da Armor to be made by the genius professor Dr. Gray Bomber. Allows him to fly like he's always wanted to. White Gale is a balanced B-Da Armor.

White Gale IIEdit

After White Gale is destroyed by Draken's Metal Gun Dragon, Professor Gray Bomber hurredly repairs the White Gale but using its own technology to power up the B-Dama shots, allowing White Bomber to even the odds.

White BlowsEdit

Tigel's final attempt to destroy White Bomber and his friends results in the destruction of all of the first generation B-Da Armors. Dr. Gray Bomber thus creates the White Blows, a stronger B-Da Armor with multiple launching capabilities. On the toy version of this armor, the name is misprinted as "White Gale III".

Saint BlasterEdit

Saint blaster

The combined form Saint Blaster

Once the Dark Prince is on the scene and shows off his combining capabilities into the Blizzard Dragon and Blizzard Evil, Dr. Gray Bomber reveals to them the ability for his second generation B-Da Armors to combine into the formidable Saint Blaster. However it requires all three pilots to combine their hearts into one and cooperate as a team. In order to save Red Bomber they succeed.

Saint DragonEdit

Dr. Gray Bomber's final secret is the ability for Saint Blaster to combine with Black Devastator to make a powerful dragon-type armor. In the final episode, it is used to directly combat the Dark B-Da's Darkness Dragon and destroy the Dark B-Da for good, thus bringing peace to B-Da City once and for all.