Icons-flag-us Sildork
Jp シルドーク (Shirudoku)
Kr 실독 (Shildok)


Dark B-Da



Voice Actor(s):

Jp Yousuke Akimoto

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Sildork is jailed for rebelling against the lord himself. Craving battles, he does not spare any heroes unless they give him a good fight. His quote is "You're not strong enough to be worthy of me killing you". In the end, the characters never beat him, but injure him enough so that he retreats. However, he ends up coming back stronger than ever. He nearly kills them, admitting them as strong, but leaves to fight the Evil Lord. His suit "Yorui Turtle" has insanely high defense and normal shots cannot penetrate its powerful armour. The most devastating attack is when it opens its head and fires a large and powerful ball of B-Da energy from it. But this is also where its weak spot is as this firing spot is just above the cockpit of the suit itself. The suit can transform into an armoured turtle capable of swimming in the water.