Jp ルイルイ (Rui-Rui)
Kr 루이루이 (Lui-Lui)





Voice Actor(s)

Jp Tomoko Kawakami
Kr Choi Hangyun


Blue Bomber

Rui-Rui (ルイルイ) is an animal, or B-Daron and supporting character of the Japanese anime, Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden.


Rui-Rui is a B-Daron that looks much like a rabbit. Despite his pink shades, Rui-Rui is male. He made his debut in Episode 3 and wears a long-sleeved green jacket with a yellow collar. Rui-Rui is a cheerful and energetic B-Daron who enjoys co-inventing and exploring. Rui-Rui is intelligent and mechanically inclined. Being male, Rui-Rui likes girls and favors Red Bomber and Miss Purple, often jumping in their arms. At one point, he wanders off with a few high school girls (until he was abandoned by them for a "cuter" B-Daron). Like the other B-Daron the only thing he says when speaking his his name "rui-rui", and yet is still understood by his listeners.


Blue BomberEdit

Rui-Rui is the partner of Blue Bomber. He has been with Blue Bomber before the start of the series, but how Rui-Rui first met Blue Bomber was not explored. His intelligence is up to par with blue bomber. The two share a caring friendship virtually without conflict, as he is seen teaching Blue Bomber while working on a project In Episode 41. Rui Rui also displays concern for Blue Bomber when begins to act strange in Episode 23. Later in the same episode, Blue Bomber comes to after having to rescue Rui-Rui taken hostage by the Great Dark Being, Shuringe. In a similar event, Blue Bomber joins White Bomber and Blue Bomber to journey through a treacherous and dangerous mountain to find an antidoe to cure Rui-Rui's illness from poisonous mushrooms.

Dr. Gray BomberEdit

Rui-Rui serves as Dr.Gray Bomber's assistant along side Blue Bomber. He spends most of his time helping with projects whether it's building robots, creating inventions, or researching. Rui-Rui usually the one to unveil new B-Da Armor.