Pink Bomber


Icons-flag-us Pink Bomber
Jp ピンクボン (Pinkbon)
Kr 핑크봉 (Pink Bong)


Bomberman B-Daman



Voice Actor(s)

Jp Hiroko Konishi
Kr Ji Miae

Pink Bomber is a wealthy girl in the series and she's also spoiled and stuborn. For a while, she had a big crush on White Bomber and then Black Bomber.

Unlike Red Bomber, she often puts her life in danger to try and win Black Bomber's heart which nearly got him killed because of her selfish acts. 

Later, she falls in love with a rich bomberman and he likes her as well. She lives in a castle shown in the episodes she appears in.

She is rivals with Red Bomber for Black Bomber's affection.

She Appeared In some Episodes but Minor/Main Character.

She Has a minor role in episode 29 when she hits White Bomber because Red Bomber tried to hit him but failed to.


  • In episode 13, Pink Bomber had a crush on White Bomber but when they landed on Hiryu, Black Bomber made them land in a sand but now she chose Black Bomber over White Bomber.

Pink Bomber When Appeared in Episode 13

Episode Appearances:Edit

Episode 13 Debut / Main

Episode 14 Main

Episode 19 Main

Episode 24 Main

Episode 28 Main

Episode 29 Minor

Episode 34 Minor

Episode 42 Main

Episode 48 Minor / Last Appearance