Light Blue Bomber is a spoiled, but rather wealthy Bomber and only appears in episode 2 of the series. When he was told to be one of the chosen seven heroes, he laughs then refuses.  Green Bomber told him how much of a coward he is and then agrees to join the team. Also, he referred to it as a diet claiming that he was chubby and this would do him good. Yellow Bomber got rather angry when Light Blue Bomber called him an air crafter pilot, yet, Light Blue Bomber stopped his anger by paying him to drive the ship.  After episode 2, he never appeared in the series again.  Light Blue Bomber's home planet is Mercury. 

Light Blue Bomber


Icons-flag-us Light Blue Bomber
Jp みずいろボン (Mizuirobon)
Kr 스카이봉 (sky Bong)


Bomberman B-Daman



Voice Actor(s)

Jp Issei Miyazaki