Icons-flag-us Jack
Jp ジャック (Jyakku)
Kr 노아르봉 (Noaro Bong)


Bomberman B-Daman



Voice Actor(s)

Jp Nobutoshi Canna

Jack is a recurring character in the IV series. He is the naive twin brother of Black Bomber. He appears in the final epsode, and appears in a flashback in episode 46.


Jack is, in personality, surprisingly different from Black Bomber. He is happy, playful, naive, and, in sharp contrast to Black Bomber's agility, Jack gets tired very quickly. Back when they were children, he and Black Bomber used to play together. They were the best of friends. Jack would always call Black Bomber "Nii-san" (兄さん) ("brother" in Japanese).

But it was later revealed that a long time ago, something terrible happened.

The IncidentEdit

It all started when they were playing a game of catch near Professor Sage's lab. Jack accidentally threw the ball so hard that Black Bomber was unable to catch it, and it crashed through the lab's window. The ball landed in a room where Dr. Shadow was looking for secret plans and designs. Jack went inside the lab to go find the ball, but stopped and peeked through the same room, curious about what Dr. Shadow was doing. All of a sudden, Koutei appeared in front of both of them. Black Bomber wondered what was taking him so long. The doors were locked, so he peered through the broken window. He didn't notice that Jack was falling under Koutei's control, and was being pulled into the darkness. By the time Black Bomber found him, it was too late. Jack had since then turned into the Dark Prince, making Jack and Dark Prince the same person.


Jack's appearance in the anime

As the Dark PrinceEdit

Jack made his debut as the Dark Prince in episode 35, and appeared in nearly every other episode up until episode 48, the final episode. His true identity wasn't revealed until episode 46. In the final episode, Jack was no longer the Dark Prince. However, he was still in the Dark Prince's clothing, and he was still being controlled by Koutei. But with teamwork, White Bomber and his friends were all able to defeat Koutei, and restore Jack, as well as Sildork, Shuringe, Draken and Tiger, to their original states.


Jack doesn't have any B-Daron, but it's possible that he and Black Bomber share the same B-Daron, a Dragoron named Hiryu (ヒリュー).

B-Da ArmorEdit

As the Dark Prince, Jack frequently used a B-Da Armor called the Blizzard Evil, which was capable of turning into a dragon-type Armor called the Blizzard Dragon. Its main attack was Blizzard Cannon.