Dark Prince


Icons-flag-us Dark Prince
Jp ダークプリンス (Daaku Purinsu)
Kr 다크프린스 (Daku Purinsu)


Dark B-Da



Voice Actor(s):

Jp Nobutoshi Canna
Kr Kim Seungjun

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A long time ago, Dr.Shadow sneaked into Professor Bomber's lab in the desert in search for secret plans and designs. Jack saw him while he was searching for a baseball that seemingly crashed through his window, but was kidnapped and turned into the evil Dark Prince. Black Bomber and his friends eventually saved him and turned him good again. As the Dark Prince, he makes his debut in episode 35 and appears in almost every other episode up until episode 48.

B-Da ArmorEdit

Dark Prince had one frequently-used Armor, known as the Blizzard Evil (ブリザードイーブル), that was capable of turning into a drago-type Armor called the Blizzard Dragon (ブリザードドラゴン). The Armor's main attack is Blizzard Cannon. His True Self is Black Bomber's Long Lost Brother, Jack.