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BB-Daman Bakugaiden is an anime created by Japanese games company Hudson Soft and toy manufacturers Takara in 1998. Roughly translated to english, the anime title 'BB-Daman Bakugaiden' would be "Bomberman Beadaman [Marbleman] Explosive Side Story".This anime is based upon the concept of Hudson's famous games character, Bomberman. The difference is that the characters in this anime aren't Bomberman, but are another generation of Bomberman, who don't use bombs as weapons. Instead, they use "marbles". Each character in the anime is a B-Daman [Da means 'marble' in Japanese, making each character a 'marbleman'] who can shoot out explosive fireballs from the marble in each B-Daman's stomach. B-Damans only have this ability if they practice and train themselves in firing what is called light rays from their marble.
Being experienced in some kind of skill such as martial arts helps makes the light ray stronger, therefore more powerful. Light rays can be used for destruction or for healing.

There is another series of the anime called BB-Daman Bakugaiden V [Victory] made in 1999, which is a sequel, but has a completely different storyline to the first series [BB-Daman Bakugaiden 'IV']. Both anime series is a mix of Sci-fi action and comedy genres.


One thousand years ago, B-da City was attacked by an evil force called the Dark B-da (or dark beings) in their quest to control the entire Blue Solar System. The heroic B-Daman, drawing on their legendary powers and ingenious technology, were able to restore peace to the universe. But, it is only a matter of time before evil forces strike again. Our hero, Shirobon, (White Bomber) and his friends continue to patrol the Kingdom, fight against Dark B-da, and are always on the alert for danger, but they're always ready for fun as well.

The episode generally revolves around five main characters: White Bomber, Blue Bomber, Red Bomber, Yellow Bomber, and Black Bomber. Each character brings a unique personality and element to the story, and work together as the series progresses to fight against evil. All five possess and pilot frighter robots called B-da Armor built and maintained primarily by an inventor named Dr. Grey Bomber.

The B-Daman fighters also have their own pet (B-daron). Their pets however, aren't just their companions, but are very crucial in releasing the power in the 5 B-Damans to destroy the Dark Beings once and for all.




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