Black Bomber


Icons-flag-us Black Bomber
Jp くろボン (Kurobon)
Kr 블랙봉 (Black Bong)
Cn 黑寶 (Hei Bo)
Th คุโรบอม (Kúroh Bom)


Bomberman B-Daman



Voice Actor(s)

Jp Toshihiko Seki
Kr Kang Guhan
Ph Archie de Leon



Black Bomber is a major character in the manga and anime. He is the "lone wolf" of the BB-Daman Team. He is also the grandson of Professor Bomber, and the older twin brother of Jack. His B-Daron is Hiryu.


Black Bomber, unlike the other four, is serious and grim, and never happy. He prefers to be alone, and whenever the BB-Daman Team needs help, he comes in just in time to save everyone, then immediately leaves. Because of this, he does not appear often in the manga and anime.

Black Bomber is shown to be much older than the rest of the BB-Daman Team, and much more skilled. He seems to be capable of several physical activities, such as martial arts and leaping over walls, and is extremely fast. With a calm and collected mind, he is able to create incredible plots to stay out of trouble, as well as to keep it from happening. He is also very skilled at piloting his Battle machines, and seems to be engaged in rebuilding them when they're damaged. Because he is skilled at piloting Battle machines and preforming dangerous physical combat (such as Karate), he appears to be very harsh, but deep down, he has a big heart, and cares for his friends. He seems to be fond of sweet, caffienated drinks, such as coffee and cream soda, as revealed in DJ corner 3 of the Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden BGM Soundtrack.